Personal and Commercial Insurance Netco


Netco Risk Management is a registered financial service provider. We are an independent company offering Financial Planning that covers all the needs for an individual.

These needs are:

  • Wealth and Risk Management
  • Medical Aid
  • Gap cover
  • Short term insurance: Commercial and Personal

Netco Risk management was established in 2010 and currently has 11 Financial Planners and 4 administrators. We have an extensive range of product providers to ensure independent advice.


By developing a financial plan, you and your family:

  • Will have a better understanding of your current financial situation.
  • Determine attainable retirement, education, insurance, and other financial goals.
  • Review goals, finding strategies, and alternatives where goals have to be compromised.
  • Have the necessary financial resources set aside to fund your goals as they occur.
  • Reduce the effect of unexpected events, such as disability, premature death, etc.

Planning is a life-long journey. For the planning process to evolve successfully, changing circumstances or lifestage requirements must be factored in. Your Netco Risk advisor will want to know when personal or financial events occur, anticipated or not, to clarify whether your goals are affected and if there are new decisions needed.

NetCoRisk has a strategic partnership with a Discretionary Fund Manager, MitonOptimal, to assume responsibility for the investment management of our clients’ portfolios. We believe that effective investment management is best done by a specialist who has the time, expertise and knowledge to manage portfolios in line with client mandates. You can find out more about MitonOptimal here:


Netco Risk has 40 strategic partners such as Momentum Insure, Santam, Old Mutual Insure, One Insure to name a few, and this allows us to offer risk benefits to any of your requirements as you may need.

Our fully integrated back office solutions provide you with the following:

  • State of the art Internet based systems which allow us to seamlessly integrate with all the Insurers on our panel.
  • Full administration for the majority of our partners.
  • The benefit to compare and save costs on South Africa’s leading insurance brands.
  • Daily data back-ups, securely stored off-site.


Offers our clients the services of our healthcare specialist who will assist with quotations and risk analysis. We cater for the private as well as the corporate sector. This ensures that you are placed with a medical aid scheme which will cater for all your medical aid requirements, taking into consideration costs, the need for chronic medication, day to day benefits and hospitalization, for you and your family.

We also offer additional products such as GAP Cover, Funeral Policies and Co-payment waiver policies. These options work in conjunction with your medical aid scheme option, alleviating any unforeseen costs that may arise due to unexpected hospitalization events.

Gap Cover is a short-term insurance stated benefit product that covers the difference between the medical aid rate and private rate’s charged by doctors or specialists for in-hospital treatment. Gap cover will settle up to a total of 500% of the NRPL rate.

Unit 136 Platinum Junction Business Park
School Street, Milnerton, 7441

021 552-4472
086 219 8038

Unit 136 Platinum Junction Business Park
School Street, Milnerton, 7441

021 552-4472
086 219 8038