There is a perception that insurance companies do not pay out claims, but the truth is that nine out of ten claims submitted are paid. But by far the most common reasons for claims being rejected are:

Damages caused through lack of maintenance

Damage caused as a result of poor construction or bad workmanship

Damages that occur over a period of time
If you’re a houseowner – a few tips on what to look out for:
Clean your gutters out thoroughly at least once a year – September is a good time, and be sure to clean out the valley gutters too.

Inspect roof ridge caps every year. The mortar between ridge caps deteriorates and may eventually fall out. Replenish as required, either with fresh cement mix or apply polyester bandage and an acrylic sealant.

While you are up on the roof, inspect flashings around your chimney and sky lights. Also, inspect flashing at parapet walls and seal any metal roof sheets where they overlap.

Roof tiles may crack from time to time. Replace these as soon as you spot them.

Wooden doors and window frames are attractive, but remember that wood is susceptible to rain and the sun’s rays. Sand down weathered wood and treat with the wax-based sealant. Ask your hardware store assistant for the best product to suit your needs.

Gutters and down pipes must comply with SABS specifications. Where gutters and down pipes are omitted, a concrete apron of a least one meter must be cast around the building to steer water away from the building.

Keep your pool stabilised at all times. Don’t over or under dose with chemicals – this may damage the pool wall surface and cause the formation of scale. When in doubt, consult your pool chemical company for help.

It is a good idea to poison the soil under concrete surface beds and foundations, especially in areas with termite infestations.

Inspect water feed pipes to your toilet cisterns regularly. If you discover any water or dampness at joints or ends, replace the pipes immediately. Also, ensure that the discharge pipes of your washing and dishwashing machines are firmly secured to the drainpipe outlet. Clean your dishwasher screen daily.

Ventilate your bathroom as soon as you have finished bathing or showering. This helps to prevent the absorption of moisture by cupboards, ceilings and wooden window frames.

To prevent your house from flooding, create adequate drainage for storm water to run off. Then, where you have created holes for the water to run off your property, be sure to keep those holes free from leaves and other blockages.

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